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My name is Steve Hill and I have had a passion for music since a very early age, I remember learning to play A-Ha Take On Me! using my mums Yamaha electronic keyboard, I tried to learn all kinds of instruments in a bid to recreate the music I was hearing in my 80s childhood.

Thankfully at 13 I found my calling and did my first ever DJ set at the local cricket club, its was a strange affair using my bedroom stereo with just a single CD deck and a tape deck made mixing impossible but then I had no idea what mixing even was! I just faded one track into the next in an attempt to sound professional.

25 years later I could be found playing out club sets in Nightclubs across the UK to crowds sometimes 1000 or more people! I held residencies in a number of clubs around the South West and played some guest sets across Europe.

Everyone needs to settle down a bit at some point and in 2011 our son was born, this signaled a massive change in my DJ'ing and I made the decision to focus my attention on corporate events and of course my favourite thing, weddings.

I do love a good wedding, so many people really happy all in the same place having a proper party with fun, laughter, love and of course plenty of dancing.

A Wedding doesn't have to be a cheesy event with the YMCA and Birdie song playing out whilst Nan tries to learn the steps to the Macarena! Although these can be amazing weddings too! Many "Cheesy" DJ's ruin the moment with lots of talking, fading between songs or playing pre-recorded mixes.

Coming from the club background I love to play a mixture of music from all genres, decades and cultures, its fantastic to take everyone on a journey through music, playing something for everyone without it becoming cheesy or boring, bouncing across the various genres often mixing them together or introducing a new track over the top of a club classic. It's all about that moment when you see Uncle Dave jump up from his chair grab his pals and hit the floor when I play that floorfiller from 1992!

Music is something that triggers such a response in people that often those 5 hours at a wedding absolutely wizz by and before you know it we are screaming One More! One More! as the hotel manager is trying to switch on the big lights and get everyone out the room.

Having spent the last 10 years focused on Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Events I can honestly say you are in safe hands, I make sure I take the time to have a good chat with my client prior to confirming the booking to make sure I am the right DJ for the job and to ensure everything you need I can provide, from DJ to Event Host I can confidently deliver.

Having spent many years hosting a variety of events and charity events I can also provide a full hosting service for awards evenings, sponsors events, product launches, charity dinners and much more.


Natalie & Martin Wedding Photo on the stairs at Bristol Harbour Hotel & Spa
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Thank you so so much for exceeding every expectation we’ve ever had about our wedding party- totally amazing!!

— Natalie and Martin, Wedding

Steve was our DJ, he was perfect from start to finish and we are so glad we booked.

— Mrs and Mrs Russell George, Wedding

Mrs & Mrs Russell George looking amazing at their wedding held at Thornbury Golf Club
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Thanks so much Steve, top job. You are officially on our legends list! Could not have relied on a better person for the job.

— Mr & Mrs Hillyer, Wedding

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Alternately drop me an email, go easy on me though please!

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Most common questions when booking a DJ


Can I choose the music?

Of course you can! it's your party! What I do is have a chat with you on the phone or video chat as we plan your event and we start to put together a list of absolute must plays, along with a list of tracks that you just can't stand! That helps to build an idea for me of what you like and the vibe of the event.

Can I provide a playlist on Spotify?

Without sounding silly about this I would say no, the reason for this is that if you want a DJ to play through a playlist then I am most likely not the DJ for you, my job is to ensure you and all your guest have a great time and that when a track plays and everyone loves it the next song maintains that vibe and takes them further, its an organic process of reading the room and building on the dancefloor.

Of course, send me your Spotify so I can get a feel for the music you love and that will help.

Can you provide a custom first dance mix?

I am often asked to help with a custom first dance mix, this is normally a couple of tracks mixed together to suit a well-rehearsed first dance.

For more information or to have a chat over ideas for your custom mix just drop me and email or give me a call.

Can my mate who is a DJ play a set?

This is a great question, there are a couple of ways to look at this, firstly this is your event and so I want to be sure you have a great time, now if your mate who is a DJ wants to do an hour or something and you are happy with that we can arrange it, BUT it must be planned ahead so that I can check with them to ensure we have the right equipment for them and they know the ground rules behind the decks.

On the night without any prior discussions and a drunk friend who used to be a DJ is just going to be a flat out no i'm sorry to say, with thousands of pounds worth of kit and you and all your guests to consider its to much of a risk.

So best plan is to have a chat about it first so we can arrange it and get it right for you.

Do you take requests on the night?

Yes of course, requests on the night are always welcome, I cannot guarantee that I will get to every request and sometimes I don't have them, I can if time permits and the internet is good enough download tracks but this is never a true science as I wont be able to check the track or ensure the quality.

Non the less get those requests in! I will do my best to play as many as I can.

Can you play music from YouTube?

Unfortunately this is not possible, mainly due to the legalities of YouTube but also because adverts pop up when you least expect!

If I don't have the track I will try my best to get it if I can.

Can you download music on the night?

This is quite often possible, the system I used does connect to Tidal if there is wifi available at the venue, it can take time to download the tracks so if I can do it then I will, again depending on time and the internet but it is quite often possible.


Do you provide the lighting for the event?

Yes I do, I really do like lighting, it has a massive effect on the mood of the event, helps to build suspense, drama and a great vibe. I don't bring lots of lights that dance around the room.

What I bring is four main lights, these are moving head units and barrell units controlled by a mac running some clever lighting software this allows me to control the brightness, speed and effects of each lighting fixture to match the mood.

Alongside this I include mood lighting around the DJ setup to bring the colour of your event into the setup.

Do you use strobe lighting?

There are lots of types of strobe lighting, I don't use any strobe lighting at all. All of my lights are capable of flashing or strobing but I don't use anything that could affect people who suffer with strobe lighting.

Can you provide uplighting?

Uplighting is a great way to bring the colour scheme of your event into the room, normally placed on the floor washing vertical colour across the walls and celings.

Depending on the size of the venue normally between 4 and 10 units are ideal, setup as alternate colours or all the same.

Find out more from the extras section of booking process.


Do you provide the speakers?

Really good question, I bring with me the speakers suitable for the venue and the number of guests, these days they are not massive black boxes like the old days but compact arrays using the latest digital technology.

My venue said it cannot be loud is that ok?

This is quite common, its normally because the venue is a hotel and so has other guests that maybe are not quite such big 80s fans as you and your friends!

To this end I always talk with venues to establish volume levels prior to the event and keep tabs with the staff on the night to make sure we are within the limits.

Is there an alternative to loud speakers?

The option for this would be are amazing Silent Disco kits, these are wireless headphones that connect to our system giving everyone three different channels of music into the headphones.

Lots of fun and solves the problem of loud music.


How much does it cost?
Great question, the standard setup which is anything but standard starts at just £395 and that includes a 5 hour peformance. This price includes the sound and lighting equipment and of course me.
How much is additional hours after midnight?
If you are interested in having your party carry on past midnight there is an additional cost of £35 per hour for each additional hour, this must be agreed prior to the event and also agreed by the venue.
Do you offer discounts?

I always provide a discount for those booking more than one service, for example, DJ and Dancefloor will receive a discount on the dancefloor. The more you book, the more you save!

Do keep an eye out on this website and my social media for coupon codes, these are brilliant and can save you lots of money.

Sometimes STEVE5 is a great start.

Is there a booking fee and if so how much?

Yes, to ensure that I have reserved the services and myself for your event or wedding there is a 30% booking fee, this is taken off your final balance and is due at the time of booking to secure your date.

You can pay the deposit booking fee at the time of booking or with 7 days of making your booking.

Please be aware booking fees are non-refundable in the event you cancel your event, however they are transferable to another date within 12 months of the original date.

Terms & Conditions apply

Please note at the time of writing COVID-19 is affecting evening entertainment and as such we are current taking bookings but not taking deposits until we are permitted to return to work.

Do you accept payment by card?

Great question and the answer is absolutely, we use a payment system called Stripe which is safe and secure, at the time of payment Stripe will handle your transaction on our behalf using a web-based card processing system.

I accept all major credit cards and debit cards with the exception of American Express.

When do I need to pay?

You will need to pay your  booking fee pretty much at the time of booking or within 7 days of booking. The balance is due 30 days before the wedding or event but you can of course make payments as you like leading up to the date. You will receive a receipt of payment for each payment made.

Any questions left?

I have tried to answer the most common questions above but if you have any questions not covered please do get in touch, I will be happy to help.

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